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Television advertising: what was once a prohibitively high-dollar marketing endeavor has transformed into a much more accessible arena for brands looking to reach massive audiences regularly. Thanks to the advent of Advanced TV, advertisers are able to utilize streaming services and popular set-top boxes to reach the television sets of millions of households. With addressable TV ad spending expected to increase 75% (eMarketer) in the next two years, there’s never been a better time to stake a claim in this new advertising frontier.

Advanced TV, a term comprising programmatic, CTV and addressable TV, allows advertisers to access massive viewership, but ad delivery and prioritization unsurprisingly favors the more effective and relevant ads. With many formats allowing ads to be skipped after several seconds, it’s pivotal for advertisers to exhibit precision targeting to get the most out of Advanced TV. The way to truly get the most out of Advanced TV is to focus not just on the audience of a show, but on the social affinities of those viewers. Social insights let us know what fans are most interested in, creating audience accuracy that far surpasses lookalike modeling and basic demographics. By building a deeper, more thoughtful audience, ad effectiveness increases significantly.

By targeting the specific interests of television viewers, advertisers are able to maximize ROI by not wasting ad spend on impressions that may not matter. Don’t just target the viewers of a show—target the viewers with relevant interests. Affinity Answers’ Advanced TV Audience Activation provides our wealth of social insights in a program that can be activated anywhere, across all devices. Our exclusive partnership with LiveRamp provides us with the ability to deliver your audiences effectively and immediately.

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Through studying social media engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (the largest social media coverage of any data provider), Affinity Answers helps brands target interests at an individual level, versus just a household level. The ability to appeal to individual interests is the key to creating more authentic, relevant, and ultimately better-performing outreach. Ask us today if our Advanced TV Audience Activation is right for your campaign.

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