Consumers have become fragmented, spread across an ever-increasing array of devices, channels, and platforms. This evolving media landscape has created a challenge for both content creators and distributors to get viewers to see their content. As Mark Pedowitz, CW President, puts it,

“There’s simply a ton of shows on the market, and their sheer quantity means that streaming platforms and broadcast networks need to hustle especially hard to make their content stand out from competitors… Effective marketing and ease of access are key in such a densely-populated industry.”

Mark PedowitzCW President

Enter FanFinder360º: an all-in-one platform delivers actionable insights to help with effectively marketing your content.

FanFinder360º is powered by the largest continuous study of people’s organic engagements with their favorite brands, TV shows, movies, celebrities, games, music, live events, and more, from across the largest social platforms in the world.  Social is the new water cooler for discussing the hottest movies/shows/series, latest trailers & behind the scenes, reviews, and more. FanFinder360º collects over 1 billion interactions every three months to provide advertisers with a wealth of information on fan interests.

movie fans

Learn more about movie-watching crowds, whether they’re in the theater or on the sofa. Movie goers may be spending more time in the living room these days, but thanks to our powerful social insights, studios can accurately follow their fans’ activity across their digital lives, building a better picture not only of the individual but also of like-minded fans found in similar spots.

TV & streaming fans

Navigate the fragmented television & streaming industry by following viewer behaviors across all platforms, or target off-platform to bring them on-board. Find fans of the hottest series and follow their interests from season to season. Keep tabs on fans of similar shows or genres while targeting the fans of competitive series. As more and more platforms enter the fray, social insights provide some much-needed direction.

music fans

Find music fans wherever they are. FanFinder360’s powerful social insights can identify the passions and behaviors of any artist’s fans. Everyone is listening to something—discover effective keywords for campaigns, media buys, and YouTube promotion. Activate tour partnerships based on shared affinities, and discover the other artists that any particular music listeners engage with. Social media is driving the music industry forward, and FanFinder360° can help you navigate it.

find fans of anything

Perfect for digital marketers or consumer insights experts looking to learn more about the fans of anything, FanFinder360º can revolutionize your strategy and campaign performance by building a 360º view of fans.

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