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Audience Enrichment: What’s In Your Data?

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A POV on Audience Enrichment and Finding the Hidden Gems in Your Data

There are so many questions that marketers have about their data. A quick Google search of “too much data” yields the following results:

“Do you really have big data, or just too much?”

“Why too much data is stressing us out”

“5 reasons too much data can be risky”

What does this mean, that less is more? No, that is an oversimplification. CEO Sree Nagarajan authored an op-ed that discussed the pros and cons of probabilistic vs. deterministic data. The main takeaway is not to gather the most data. Nor is it about stripping it down to the bare essentials. The key is choosing the right dataset.

The problem is that this is not an all or nothing proposition. First-party data, while based on actual consumers, has limits in its scale. Third-party data casts a wide net, but is often not the best approximation of your consumers.

Consumers are not identified by a device ID, or a single attribute. Consumers are multifaceted people with multiple identifiers. That idea is best served by audience enrichment via social affinity. It fills in the gaps in consumer profiles, finding your best prospects – buyers & non-buyers – at scale.

Social affinity runs the table differently when it comes to audience enrichment. It does not match data records deterministically. Instead, it makes predictions based on the data that a brand already has. For example, Spotify has information on all of its 140 million users. It knows which listeners have listed songs by Seal and Post Malone as favorites. Using these attributes, among others, social affinity predicts these users are likely ideal prospects for Rolex watches. Spotify could use this information in its targeting and partnership efforts.

AffinityAnswers CEO Sree Nagarajan recently sat down with Adotas to talk about social affinity. He ended on what marketers should deem an optimistic note: “It’s about expanding your audience in the most meaningful way possible.” Meaningful is the best possible descriptor for new audiences that come from your existing customers.

Find out more about how it works here, and contact us to get started.

Why Brands Should Pay Attention to Social Affinity

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CEO Sree Nagarajan sits down with Adotas to talk about why brands should be including social affinity in their marketing toolboxes. He discusses what engagement data is behind social affinity, how it can serve as a means of branding attribution, and how it fills knowledge gaps marketers have about today’s consumer.

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Social Affinity Can Up Your Ad Game

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CEO Sree Nagarajan explains why social affinity is a powerful addition to any marketer’s toolbox. In a new Q&A with BizReport, he explains how social affinity acts as a branding metric. Why does it matter to marketers? And what does the future hold when social affinity is linked to business outcomes?

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Moving Forward with Programmatic TV

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Manager of Operations and Partner Integration Allison Trebon writes about the state of programmatic TV in a new MediaPost op-ed. What steps can the industry take together to move this initiative – one that is brimming with opportunities – forward?

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Real Brand Safety Starts with the Brand

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Client Services Lead J.T. Compeau writes about brand safety in an op-ed on Marketing Dive. Even in the midst of platforms and publishers taking steps to increase brand safety, true responsibility for brand safety starts with the brand itself. So what can marketers do to make sure that the relationship between brand, consumer and publisher is optimal?

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Social Affinity: A Powerful New Metric (Q&A)

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Client Services Lead J.T. Compeau explains how social affinity is a powerful new metric for marketers in a new Q&A. In the conversation, he talks about in which types of campaigns social affinity is most useful, the results marketers can expect from using social affinity, why marketers should use social affinity, and more.

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Social Affinity Powering Fall TV

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Summer is just getting underway, but the broadcast networks have long been thinking about fall. Specifically, they are working to make sure that the season’s most successful entries are on their schedules. Social affinity can help in a process that presents unique challenges.

Since the shows haven’t aired yet, it’s hard to tell which concepts will attract audiences beyond findings from primary research and pure intuition. Social affinity is a much more accurate benchmark; networks create a social presence shortly after the annual upfront presentations, which are held several months before premiere week. Both networks and marketers can now use affinity-based programmatic tactics at every stage of a new program’s lifecycle.