Planning with AudiencePlanner™

An insights, planning, and targeting product to prescribe new audience segments and channels for creative, content or sponsorships

Using engagement data from more than 50,000 brands, we apply predictive modeling to identify attributes unique to your buyers that you can leverage to grow your brand. Key attributes include behavior towards other brands, media and entertainment.

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Recommendations Identified for Multiple Interests

AudiencePlanner allows input for multiple interests, e.g. CoverGirl is sponsoring Katy Perry – the AudiencePlanner tool identifies new consumers by combining CoverGirl buyers with Katy Perry’s buyers, allowing you to analyze their behaviors to derive new segments to target. It’s as simple as typing Katy Perry and CoverGirl into the “Known Interests Box” within the software to see the resulting recommendations for predicted interests.

Diverse, Granular Outputs

AudiencePlanner provides output in granular detail across 9 categories spanning Brands, TV, Digital, Local, Music, Apps & Games, Movies & Books, Sports & Celebrities.