Did you get a chance to catch the FRIENDS Reunion on Zee 5 or HBO Max? I’m sure you did. And you know why we get so emotional every time we think about those six fictional characters? Because they were with us whenever we felt low. They almost made us choke on food when we laughed with them during our meal times. They made us believe that friendship is indeed the most precious thing in the world. Another popular show in the resurgence mode will be the final season of its popular Spanish language drama Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) will release in two parts of five episodes on Netflix later this year.

Resurgent shows becoming big ticket streaming commodities is emblematic of the rise of comfort viewership during the pandemic. Lockdowns and quarantines have reshaped habits, with an increase in consumers viewing shows at home on connected devices which include TV, OTT platforms and mobiles. This has led advertisers and marketers launching campaigns that identify an audience and deliver viewers targeted ads during their favourite shows.

The growing admiration for OTT streaming in audiovisual content is impacting the overall media and entertainment market positively in the Asia Pacific. In late 2020 Netflix in APAC has grown to a subscriber base of 25 million users. 35% of OTT viewers in countries like Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia purchased a product after seeing an ad during an OTT programme. New consumers are coming online for the first time, and existing ones have amplified their content consumption during the pandemic.

Marketers know their businesses better than anyone else, but having some way to quantify your customers and prospects’ interest is invaluable. Social affinities are one such prism – how many engaged fans does your program have, and with which other TV shows, brands, etc. are they engaging? With marketing budgets under intense pressure, only those media channels that deliver the highest efficiency, effectiveness and on target reach can grow effectively.

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