One of the most awaited sporting events in history, the Tokyo Olympics are set to start a few days from now. The Olympic Committee and Japanese organisers will move ahead with the games, with all necessary safety precautions and mandatory testing procedures strictly implemented and upheld. Assuming the games do proceed as planned, this particular spectator-less spectacle might lack some of the classic Olympics appeal and flair, but a general increase in digital sports viewerships offer marketers assurances in outreach opportunities during this year’s Olympic games and livestreams.

Want to reach a particular segment of Olympics fans who like BTS or FIFA World Cup or both? We have the insights and fan engagement data as below:

Sample of our APAC Fan Engagement Data for June using FanFinder360º

Targeting on TV is costly, especially during prime sporting events when ad rates reach astronomical values. But what if you can find these same users online and reach them at a fraction of this cost? It gets even better when we say you can reach a subset of this big event viewers who also resonate with your brand, idea, or messaging.

By focusing on fans who have engaged with relevant topics across social media, our all-in-one platform FanFinder360º provides a 360-degree view of your fans and actionable insights on what they are watching, where they are browsing, who they follow, and what they buy. These instant insights give marketers an edge when promoting during peak times, only reaching to the most relevant people in the most relevant places.

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