Marketers are constantly looking to expand the reach of their target audience. In this quest, sometimes they tend to bucket or categorize individuals based on a common interest. However, this may not be really effective and may be slightly better than a “spray and pray” option.

Segmentation based on demographics is the most commonly used option chosen by marketers. If you are running a campaign for a lipstick brand, we tend to stereotype females in a particular age group as the target audience. When the audience definition is narrowed down to “affluent users interested in mineral based cosmetics”, then such stereotyping may not enable us to reach the right audience. In this scenario, the need to customize your target audience based on behavioral insights and brand-level interests becomes necessary.

A marketer constantly looks for ways to target the right audience and at scale. This enables them to conquest competitors, find new buyers and derive more benefits from their sponsorships. However, relying on past purchase behavior, or targeting at a broad interest level alone may not be enough. It now becomes important to look for audiences which are modeled on key behavioral insights. Social insight driven audience targeting helps marketers reach customers based on their interests, behaviors and how they are engaging with your business.

People exhibit their true likes/dislikes, aspirations, and behaviors while engaging within this vast platform. The availability of data these days is huge, and this large scale brings in more complexity. However, such scale is of considerable relevance to draw insights and derive predictive analytics on consumer behavior.

Using these pivotal social engagement insights, audiences can be modeled using AI to predict future purchase intent with high accuracy. Identifying advanced look-alike or act-alike personas ensures targeting with higher relevance than demographic targeting, and without compromising on reach, which translates to a better ROI on the campaign spend.

With the economy accelerating towards digital, programmatic advertising has become an essential feature for businesses. Audience segmentation based on consumer behavioral insights is a strategy that marketers must adopt to stay ahead of the race.

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