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Industry leading model translates social activity into brand-level recommendations

how it works

TrueAffinity analyzes content engagements from 550MM people across 70,000 entities to create a brand-level recommender engine – similar to that of Netflix or Amazon. This is an advanced form of look-alike modeling, called act-alike modeling, that goes well beyond interest and category level data, and delivers brand-level affinities to better define your audience.

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act-alike modeling with TrueAffinity®

Understand a deeper level of how your audience thinks, acts and interacts with the brands, celebrities, sports and entertainment they love. Our unique act-alike model provides a much deeper view of your customers’ interests than standard look-alike reporting. The ability to capture, analyze and surface brand-level data paints a stunning picture of who your customers are, along with who is most likely to buy what next. Knowing your customers’ passions is the key to building more successful audiences.

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