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Social data is the best data source for finding fans, groupies and cinephiles. And no audience provider has more access to social media engagement than Affinity Answers.

Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Zee5 & Netflix are rising giants in the content world. With paid formats blocking advertising, it is getting harder and harder to reach the fans most important to brands. Social provides the richest trackable repository of cord cutting fans and the shows they love.

Affinity Answers has the largest social footprint of any audience provider with analysis and user engagement tracking of over 50,000 brand, sports and media entities across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Most social audience providers only have access to Twitter.

With Affinity Answers audiences you can efficiently and effectively activate your brand anywhere, anytime and capture the passion and fandom of your most valuable customers.

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Star, Zee, ABC, Sony, TV1, Disney, ESPN

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Drama, Reality Shows, Thriller & Horror, Comedy, Award Shows

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Bigg Boss, The Kapil Sharma Show, Secret City, Bridgerton, Lion Mums

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