We are building a first of its kind machine learning algorithm that will enable CMO’s and Marketing Directors to track their brand’s marketing ROI and their competitor’s, without first party data.

Alignment delivers the data and analytics that will power a new world of business creativity.

What would you do if you could truly see behind the competitor’s curtain? What if you could see the impact of a competitor’s audience, messaging and media choices on their ROI? Now you can.

We have aggregated billions of media and social impressions from the industry’s most recognized and respected data providers and analyzed them through advanced machine learning algorithms to reveal patterns and correlations between media placement, messaging, audience and a brand’s sales.

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The revolution will not be televised,
but it will have TV data.

Alignment is an always-on dashboard that delivers a first-of-its-kind view inside your competitor’s marketing efforts and how your own efforts are stacking up.

Single, unified dashboard of total category marketing activity.

Actionable insights that drive media, messaging and audience optimization.

No first-party data, implementation or set up required.

The must have tool for CMOs and lead marketers.

All your reports in one place.

No more chasing down reports from different agencies and publishers or having to look through never-ending roll-ups to decipher what is really important. Alignment brings together all of the relevant, top-level, actionable analytics to give marketers the confidence that their marketing efforts are heading in the right direction.

Category insights at your fingertips.

The Alignment dashboard delivers the same depth of information about your competitors’ media, audience and creative data as you have on your own brand, so you can react, pivot or double-down in real time.

A better alternative to MMM and MTA.

Why spend years normalizing, updating and onboarding data with Marketing Mix Modeling and Multi-Touch Attribution, when you can understand how your brand is performing against your competition in minutes?

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