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Social powered advanced TV activation delivers your brand directly to the fans of the top shows.

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Where other TV data providers model against smaller sample sizes and passive viewership, Affinity Answers captures the active engagement of each shows enormous social fan bases – powered by the world’s largest continuous study of social engagement between people and the TV they love.

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advanced TV data benefits

Increase the reach of your current TV buy, scale your TV targeted reach across any channel, or reach TV enthusiasts online at a fraction of the price.

Social captures fandom at an individual level, not a household level. Giving you better insight into who is watching and who is most likely to also watch.

Not everyone who is watching content is a fan, and because of that we capture the valuable active engagers— the most passionate fans of each show.

The newest, hottest, upcoming shows are the ones getting all of the buzz. Only Affinity Answers gives you access to the fans of current hits and the shows that have yet to premier.

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The time to activate is now. Let us help you conquer the world of Advanced TV by combining the world’s best social insights with the best integration and data available.


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