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top performing addressable verticals

Not all data is good for everything. Our model uses social data to understand people’s affinities based on their engagements.
So the more engagement, the better our data. The following verticals is where we do our best work, and where you will get your best results.


140MM+ engagements / 13 wks
4,000+ entities tracked

154 available segments


22MM+ engagements / 13 wks
755 entities tracked

34+ available segments


115MM+ engagements / 13 wks
700+ entities tracked

157 available segments


73MM+ engagements / 13 wks
1500+ entities tracked

132 available segments

beauty & cosmetics

50MM+ engagements / 13 wks
1,000+ entities tracked

115 available segments


10MM+ engagements / 13 wks
600 entities tracked

105 available segments

the affinity answers
addressable TV data benefits

Loyalty is a goner. Active fan engagement is a better indicator of actual interest in a brand. While other data providers model against past purchasers, our model is based on Active Fan Engagement.

Most models use data at a category level. Broad interest buckets that almost everyone falls into. Our data is at a brand level. Giving you better targeting, insight, and control.

Social data sees fans at an individual level, not a household level. Giving you better insight into who is watching and who is most likely to also watch.

The options are endless. Get access to bespoke segments with same business day response.


affinity answers answers frequently asked questions

We believe in total transparency. We know it is important to you, so it is important to us. Here is a list of answers to all of the most frequently asked questions we have received over the years. If your question isn’t there, just ask!

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