Moving Ahead to The Ashes

Nov 24, 2021

Moving Ahead to The Ashes

With Australia winning the T20 World Cup series, there will be a switch to the Ashes series against old opponents England.

Advertisers and Marketers lead the monetisation avenues for brands today. High volumes of fan engagement data translate to a larger customer base which helps in generating revenues. The recent campaign for the Ashes ‘It Just Means More’, launched by Cricket Australia, is generating more interest and we will see more excitement of stadium or online fans alike with more telecast viewer ships.

Sports sponsorship can be extremely rewarding for brands. It gives them a chance to engage with their fans and prospects leveraging their passions. Cricket sponsorships have proved to be excellent engagement boosters in the past. Live cricketing events, in particular, present a compelling proposition to a variety of industry participants, ranging from free-to-air broadcasters seeking viewers and advertising revenue to OTT players seeking loyal subscribers, to sponsors advertising on digital media.

Title sponsors of tournaments like IPL and CPL have seen their fan engagement increasing by an average 133 %, as measured by the volume of social engagement on their official profiles as depicted below:

This increased engagement during tournament time represents a massive opportunity for brands looking to attract Cricket loving fans. Affinity Answers audiences are powered by social engagement and our catalogue of more than 250MM people and over 40k brands means you reach a limitless number of audiences at scale. Are you looking at “Cricket fans looking for EV automobiles” or ‘Cricket fans looking for plus size apparel”? We can help brands and agencies reach the appropriate subsets of these cricket fans by overlapping other interests and deliver maximum outreach in their campaigns.

To learn more about how Affinity Answers reach audiences more easily and effectively, check out our Affinity Answers sports audiences here.

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