Affinity Answers
Wins Social Media Tech Vendor of the Year Award

Sep 9, 2021

Affinity Answers
Wins Social Media Tech Vendor of the Year Award

We’ve brought home the gold as Social Media Tech Vendor of the Year in e4m’s Martech India Awards 2021. The annual ceremony celebrates marketing tech innovators who played a pivotal role in reshaping the APAC marketing landscape last year.

The award not only recognizes our capabilities as a programmatic audience provider but also rings true to our fundamental philosophy of deserving success. We consistently strive to deliver value to our clients and partners, and we’re honored to have received this validation from e4m, acknowledging our deep relationship with social media.


Campaign Brief

Last year’s pandemic and subsequent lockdowns altered marketing campaigns across industries and across the globe, particularly in the APAC region. Businesses looking to make up for lost leads found themselves refining audience targeting for increased efficiency. 

In an effort to increase campaign targeting precision, Great Learning, a leading provider in online learning courses, came to us for assistance in creating custom audiences that reflected the actual behaviors of their target customers. Our solution was to create specific threads within our TrueAffinity® model to identify when people engaged with certain topics (i.e #artificialintelligence) across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. People who engaged with each thread were then collected and analyzed against their affinities towards digital publishers and digital magazines.

Great Learning found the data provided by Affinity Answers to be significantly better than the data used in their previous contextual display campaigns. They were able to see – in a period of just 4 weeks – improvements across all 3 of their key metrics: eligibility, leads, and CPM.

Read more about our award-winning case study here.


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