Achieving Audience Success in a Sea of Streaming Providers

Achieving Audience Success in a Sea of Streaming Providers

As the streaming video landscape continues its rapid (and often confounding) evolution, both consumers and brands find themselves surveying a wide playing field of SVoD providers. Weeknights are no longer solely devoted to Netflix binging – new streaming services such as Apple TV+, NBCUniversal Peacock, and HBO Max will join Disney+, Hulu, and a large roster of others by offering cord-cutters and cord-nevers access to both original and legacy content. With an almost overwhelming abundance of streaming media providers and programming to choose from, audiences are certainly more spread out than before, requiring a strategically programmatic approach to ensure ad messaging relevance is achieved across all necessary devices.

Audiences for streaming services are growing just as quickly as traditional pay TV customers are dropping, with overall audience numbers expected to align in 2024. With the advent and inevitable success of new SVoD providers like Disney+, streaming services are increasingly engaging cord-cutting audiences while providing a wealth of programming variety in the digital landscape. With so many streaming service options becoming available, an abundance of original content per provider encourages a constantly competitive landscape. And with weeks (potentially months) of ongoing worldwide Coronavirus quarantines, it’s possible these numbers will only grow, with the world a captive audience as other entertainment industries are at a standstill.

The SVoD industry combined represents a complicated web of advertising opportunities that is moving fast and offers equal amounts of opportunities and roadblocks. NBCUniversal, for example, will be taking back the hit series The Office from Netflix next year to become the cornerstone in its upcoming Peacock streaming service. While this may seem like bad news for Netflix fans, Advanced TV provides ample opportunities for advertisers to advertise during the show (Peacock, unlike Netflix, provides ad space).


Knowing when, where, and how to target the fans of streaming TV shows is an advertiser’s challenge, especially when the streaming service is ad-free, like Netflix or Disney+. But where pay-per services offer obstacles, audience data provides solutions (sometimes from unlikely sources).

Social media has become the modern-day water cooler for talking and engaging with everyone’s favorite shows, movies, and other entertainment. Fans come to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to nerd out, talk spoilers, find additional content, engage with the stars, and gab about what just happened and what is going to happen next. There isn’t a better place to find the fans of streaming, live, and premium shows than social media. And no other data provider has more access to social media engagement than Affinity Answers.

So, while an advertiser may not be able to run ads during The Mandalorian, from ad-free provider Disney+, Affinity Answers builds audiences based on social engagement to target Mando fans wherever they might be: online, on TV or on social.


Affinity Answers social insights can be activated anywhere, across all devices, allowing brands to connect with streaming TV show fans in the most efficient way possible. And with a wealth of streaming services these days, our campaign planning service provides an all-encompassing and extremely efficient method for brands to reach streaming fans anywhere, any time.

To find out more about overcoming the challenges of streaming or to learn more about how social insights can elevate your advertising visit or contact us at

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