Niche Gaming Audiences Using ActivationPlanner

Niche Gaming Audiences Using ActivationPlanner

Gaming has become a more accepted part of popular culture and has seen a massive expansion in the number of players. Up to 65% of American households play video or computer games every year. As gaming increases in popularity and accessibility, gaming audiences, too, grow in size and segments.

The video gamer is no more a nerdy young male. Today’s gaming audiences include a variety of ages, genders and demographics. A study by ESA indicates that women make up 40% of the gamer population. While 27% of game players are under 18, 26% are 50 years or older! Additionally, video gamers have genre and game preferences.  As the profile of a video gamer turns from a stereotypical age & gender to sophisticated and unique traits, segmenting and targeting such audiences becomes a challenge.

Say you are a gaming company looking to target audiences for a new game in the MOBA genre, and you would also like to reach audiences considering Racing & Shooter games. One approach is to find competitive intelligence data partners that have gaming purchase behaviors across these genres and run a look-alike-model.   Cost of purchase behaviors would typically be high and it would get diluted by the look-alike-model.

Affinity Answers audiences are act-alike, i.e. audiences that act similar to MOBA, Racing & Shooter game players.  Social media is a great place to find such similar audiences, and Affinity Answers brings these to the programmatic ecosystem. The recently launched ActivationPlanner provides such act-alike audiences, audience characteristics that you can pick and provision for targeting on your platform of choice.

The screenshot below shows how an audience interested in ‘Non-Violent Video Games’ can be defined using ActivationPlanner.

Once defined, you can get a reach estimation for the audience from Oracle Data Cloud and/or LiveRamp. You can even “build the audience” with just a click.

The current version of ActivationPlanner includes pre-packaged audience definitions for ‘Beauty & Cosmetics’ and ‘Gaming & E-sports’ verticals that can be combined with Lifestyles. Next available audiences via ActivationPlanner are from Automotive —stay tuned!

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