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Find Hidden Audiences with TrueAffinity™

Contrary to the opinion of many in the programmatic world, branding did not die with the rise of direct response; it is simply harder to target and measure and thus de-emphasized. Here at AffinityAnswers, we have created TrueAffinity™ – a next-generation brand effectiveness metric that can be used to better understand the mid-funnel customer journey from awareness to purchase.

TrueAffinity™ is a state-of-the-art branding metric.

TrueAffinity™ measures the level of reciprocal social participation between two brand audiences, and has a range of uses to make branding more:

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Addressable. Extend reach by sculpting audiences at scale

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Relevant. Plan linear and programmatic media by context

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Measurable. Determine impact of campaigns by specific content

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