Brand Manager

As a Brand Manager, you are under great pressure to grow your brand’s market share and profitability while having reduced budgets. Make this goal achievable, by gaining a unique perspective on your brand and the ecosystem. Combine your first-party data with second-party data from social networks and third-party data available in the public marketplace. Get a holistic picture of your consumers and answer specific questions such as:
  • Who are my brand’s audiences? How are they evolving?
  • Who are my competitor’s audiences? How are they different from mine?
  • Does a particular media or entertainment audience resonate with my brand?
  • What opportunities exist among various audiences to grow market share for my brand?

Media Director

As a Media Director, having confidence in your choices is fundamental. Data can drive that confidence. Combine your brand’s first-party, second-party and third-party data to get an integrated view of your audience, the media choices they make and ways to effectively influence them. Answer specific questions such as:
  • How effective are my media investments in delivering branding KPIs such as increased recall or improved purchase intent?
  • Which competitors are effective in growing mind share through media investment? What can I and my team learn from them?
  • Which competitor is vulnerable for me to gain audiences from? What are the effective places to reach that audience?
  • Who is coming after my audience? What can I do to effectively retain my audience?
  • What opportunities exist to lower costs yet increase the scale of my audience?


Account Director

As an Account Director you have two stakeholders to serve:
1. Client that depends on you (and your team) for their brand’s growth and
2. Internal team that depends on you for their growth.
How do you effectively serve them both? By having the right information with insights and the ability to execute on them quickly and confidently.
  • Scale client’s first-party audiences with additional second-party audiences from social networks and third-party audiences from public marketplaces.
  • Find relevant third-party audiences that are developing intent for your client’s brand
  • Empower your strategy, planning, activation and insights teams with integrated data set and apps that provide unique insights and the technology to execute on them quickly

Media Strategist

As a Media Strategist, you are constantly being asked to come up with unique insights and ideas for your client on ever-shortening time frames and budgets. Find new ideas to drive innovative strategies for your client such as:
  • What media to partner for PMP deals? What context to add to existing PMP deals?
  • What unique audiences exist? What are the most optimal ways to reach them? What content will resonate with them?
  • Who to sponsor/partner with for music or sports? How effective are the current choices against your brand’s goals?
  • Who to hire as influencer or spokesperson to generate effective awareness and intent?

Media Planner

As a Media Planner, you have the impossible task of tracking the exploding choices of media among your audiences along with the content they respond most to. Deliver on this by understanding:
  • Which media to buy on third-party programmatic exchanges and what to buy via PMP deals
  • What alternates exist for current media choices that are more cost effective
  • Unique and innovative ways to reach new audiences for your brand and what specific content choices will resonate with those audiences.

Activation Planner / Programmatic Buyer

As an Activation Planner and/or Programmatic Buyer, you are constantly on the run trying to optimize between audience reach, cost and performance. Drive more effectiveness in your role by:
  • Finding new third-party audience segments that extend reach at high relevancy while lowering average costs
  • Expanding third-party audiences for your client by adding rows to their CRM or DMP data in a privacy-compliant and secure way, as well as increasing the scale of your retargeting efforts.
  • Expand your audiences beyond the client brand and category into unique media and entertainment choices that your audiences are actively engaging with today.
  • Add context (columns) to your first-party data. Use this to do targeted PMP deals and provide relevant context and content for programmatic placement.


As an Analyst/Insights Expert you are constantly being asked to discover, highlight and explain what is working and what can be done differently/better for the next campaign. Excel in your role by understanding:
  • What choices have worked well for current media buys and what content has best resonated with your audiences
  • What media and content will work best against your critical KPIs based on where your audiences are actually spending time and having meaningful engagement